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Automotive Components

Keeping you safe and keeping you going, we have been producing high quality automotive components for major Japanese automotive brands for over 30 years.

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Air Filter Components

Filter that removes particles and impurities from the air entering a vehicle's engine/cabin.


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Piston Components

Cylindrical component fitting closely within a tube that moves up and down in an internal combustable engine.


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Control Cable Components

Controlling throttle, transmission, brakes and many other car components from a distance.


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Playing the role of damping

and stopping the travel of a vehicle's suspension or other components.


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Clutch Plate Components

Connecting and disconnecting a vehicle's engine to it's transmission system.


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Weather Seal Inserts

Sealing car/truck doors, windows and other openings from water and other elements, keeping the cabin dry and controlled.


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Hose and Brake line Components

Transporting brake and power steering and other automotive fluids safely through out the vehicle.


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Oil Seal Components

Oil seals are used to protect shafts and bearings from ingress of dirt and foreign matter and egress of oil or grease.


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Shock Absorber Components

Shock breakers are device that absorbs the force of sudden jarring actions.


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Tie Rod and Linkage Components

Tie rod and linkage are components in a vehicle responsible for linking your vehicle's steering to the wheel, enabling the driver to drive safely and predictability. 


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Other Components

Soraya Interindo manufactured over 1000 Tons of automotive components annually with over 200 different components.

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High precision machinery and consistency in production would allow us achieve high standards and trust from our loyal customers. View our facilities page to learn more about our 7000 Sq.m facility production capability.

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