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Household and Others

Soraya Interindo manufactures household and other industrial components for daily needs, from electricity meters to your bathroom fittings.

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Bathroom Fittings

Essential and luxurious.

Soraya have been making components for one of the largest brand of sanitary, fitting and kitchen products.


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Air Pumps

Used in various hobbies, industries and as a medical equipment. Soraya Interindo have been manufacturing aerator and air pump components for both domestic and export.


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Hospital Equipments

Hospital equipments such as hospital bed where patients rely to help rest and proceed medical procedures are essential.


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Musical Instrument Components

Renowned consistency in manufacturing for many years have been a choice by one of the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer for their essential components.


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Stove Components

Essential in every house and kitchen, stove are used to reheat and cook meals. Providing the world with delicious and hot meal.


High precision machinery and consistency in production would allow us achieve high standards and trust from our loyal customers. View our facilities page to learn more about our 7000 Sq.m facility production capability.

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Electricity Meters

Electricity meter or kilowatt-hour meter is a device that measures the amount of electric energy.

Used in houses and buildings

throughout the world.


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